The character and scope of the cooperation
we establish individually with each client.
It may be a one-time service or a long-term relation.
Respecting the time of others
and residing in various parts of the world
I work mainly remote,
staying in touch with my clients
by phone, WhatsApp and e-mail.


I do not base my work on ready price lists or packages,
each project is priced individually.
My compensation includes
the price of organized trip
depending on the scope of my engagement
and commissions from some providers
for which the client is never charged.


I always consider all possible options
and my priority is to make my client happy with his travel.
Some of the best offers I find 
are the ones recommended by my private contacts or sources.
At all time the client is aware
of what he gets within the service
and that he sticks to his budget.


Owing to my organizational skills, creativity and experience
I do undertake to realize complex travel projects,
but on the other hand,
if I think a task is beyond my capabilities,
I inform the client.
I believe my work can save precious time
while planning and during the travel.

phot.: Norbert Wojtokas, Olga Wojtokas