…time spent with my loved ones, endless conversations about everything and understanding one another without words,
discovering people’s stories and passions, the brotherhood of souls

reaching my destination when it’s already dark outside just to wake up at dawn amazed by the new place,
healthy fatigue and touch of fresh linens on my skin after a long day 

…the beauty of the world that surrounds us, of nature and things created handmade,
the deep emotion when bringing back the memory of look into the eyes of orangutan mother in Sumatran jungle,
delight over a blade of grass

…cats, for that they exist

…discovering new flavours, being surprised by new tastes,
ordering without menu in the local eateries,

green curry, jasmin tea, wine and dark chocolate

…the scent of plumeria flowers, lemongrass and vanilla, 
the aroma of freshly roasted coffee with cardamon,
the smell of coconut oil on my skin warmed up by the sun

…silence, the chirping of birds at dawn, the sound of wooden and shell chims in the wind,
music that brings back good memories

…activity, the feeling of health and physical fitness, adrenaline when jumping off the cliffs and waterfalls,
horseriding on the beach in the setting sun

…immersing myself under water with an aqualung, the diversity of colours and shapes of marine life,
the exceptional and overwhelming underwater silence

…returning from travels always with something new in my heart and my head

…books that actually change us, writing from the bottom of my heart,
photographs that you can’t ever forget

…sun and warmth

…experiencing, discovering, going beyond the limits and leaving my comfort zone

…being happy and life in all its fullness

phot.: Monika Wojtkowiak, Norbert Wojtokas